October 27, 2009

Enigma Nightclub in Des Plaines, IL

I think its called Enigma. I went there as an afterparty last Saturday. It is located on the Northwest corner of Higgins Road and Mannheim Road in Des Plaines, IL.

Enigma nightclub seems like a mostly Bulgarian club. It has two rooms, one of which is really big. The big room has a nice looking stage with the dj booth. There are horizontal equalizer LED bars behind the DJ, making it look more like a concert-type performance than a simple club.

The two rooms play different types of music, both with dj's. Big room of Enigma club played House music when I was there, and the smaller room had a variety - including Latin music and what might have been Bulgarian (I don't know the language, so I'm guessing) music. I actually saw a lot of younger girls with 30-year old men there, but that isn't the same as young girls with 50 year old men, like at some downtown clubs. People also seemed to all be there in large groups.

Valet parking at Enigma is only 7 bucks, drinks are not too expensive (especially when compared to downtown Chicago clubs), though priced higher than any sports bar in the area. I think that there is a $10 cover charge after 12 or after 1, and free admittance before that.

There is also plenty of seats and tables in this place, making it look almost more like a lounge than a nightclub, especially considering that there is no obvious dance floor in the big room. It seems like this might actually be some sort of a restaurant or a sports bar by day and a nightclub at night.

I think I'll be checking this place out again in the future - its a nice looking club with a nice crowd.

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